Why you should use Super 8
Customer relations in conversational commerce is as easy as a few clicks
Manage multiple IM platforms in one framework!
Super 8 consolidates apps like Facebook and LINE@, putting the world’s potential customers at your fingertips
Simple, instinctive Messaging Center
Our cross-platform Messaging Center allows you to easily integrate Facebook, LINE@, and other apps without logging in and out.

The platform Super 8 also provides the Message Center Mobile App, to instantly reply to the customer without being in front of a computer!
Customer service message assignment
Distribute customer's conversation to organization members, without worrying about missing messages or repeating responses, which greatly reduces communication costs!
Create eye-catching content with the message template editor
Text, images, options, voting, games and other add-ons make conversations more fun!
Integrated customer profiles
Still keying in individual customer profiles? Super 8 automatically collects and integrates customer profiles within conversations
Manage group sets of customers
Create group sets and broadcast to customers based on their needs and preferences!
Exciting and eye-catching messaging formats!
Our user-friendly message template editor allows you to add text, images, option cards and more to make conversations more lively!
Broadcast with ease
Use broadcast to start conversations and turn followers into customers!
Tags management
You can categorize your customers here and add tags to accurately differentiate the different customers' groups.
More theme chatbots helping you by cleverly sharing business
No matter if it is a common problem of semantic analysis, the mall in chat, one-click purchase, all can be done through bots, and this significantly reduces cost of customer service and shortens the time for customers waiting.
Keyword response message
When the user enters a specific keyword, the system will automatically send a format message to the customer and tag the group.
Shopping guides
Customer preference polls link directly to your website or specific product categories.
Facebook Comment-to-Messenger
Automated responses to Facebook posts quickly raise brand visibility.
Top Ranking
Clearly list your various product categories, keep up-to-date, and attract customers to buy.
Event package
Includes events registration, ticketing information, events introduction, events agenda, events reporting, and activities' feedback process.
Brand & store info
Communicate your brand suggestions, lifestyle ideas, store or other information with the purpose of letting customers know your business.
True or false Quiz
The knowledge or information that the brand wants to convey to customers is easily understood by the customer by means of the True or False questions.
Multiple choice Quiz
The knowledge or information that the brand wants to convey to the customer can be easily understood by the customer by multiple choice questions.
Customer complaints and suggestions
Collect common complaints and allow customers to leave suggestions at the right time.
Promotion code
Send the promotional code of your company's brand to a specific customer, and send it to a precise TA promotion.
Offline response
Let your customers know that you’ll get back to them ASAP and maintain a high response rate with an offline response during non-business hours.
Immediate response time
Provide a friendly and immediate response to customer-initiated conversations or friend requests.
Customized chatbot
Tailor-made chatbot services, using a variety of triggering methods to achieve online and offline situations.
Using Chatbot Editor easy to apply immediately
You just need to fill in the text and pictures and you can go on-line in a short time! Tailor-made Facebook Comment-to-Messenger, and customized chatbot: Super 8 can help you customize chatbots for all your needs.
Real-time data help you track customer experiences!
Super 8’s data analytics provide basic overview, statistical analysis of messages and templates, and customer intimacy indicators across multiple IM platforms.
Message statistics
The statistics and growth curves of the message data are clear. You can customize the time interval to view all the data, and immediately adjust marketing strategy and budget allocation to make the most effective use of each sales resource!
Customer intimacy and consistency
Use intimacy indicator to understand the interaction between customers and your brand. Use this customer label to understand customer preferences, and to find out the most potential consumers for you!
Card template click analysis
Instantly record the stored default template, and display button click times and percentages of the card message format. It is helpful for understanding customers' response to different options, and thus correct the next marketing content at any time, so that marketing is not random!
More comprehensive services and features than existing social media platforms
Super 8 provides much-needed management features lacking on other platforms
Services and features
Super 8
LINE@ Manager
1 on 1 live chat
Cross-platform 1 on 1 chat
Cross-platform Mobile App
Customer service message assignment
Bot to human assignment
Team chatroom
Customer profile editor
Chatbot / Editor
Message template editor
Persistent Menu Editor ᴺᴱᵂ
Segmented broadcasting
Group message delivery rate data
Auto response
Offline response
Keyword response message
Overview of message statistics
Time interval growth curve
Default template click rate and number of times
Chatbot card message analysis
Single customer statistics analysis
Single customer growth curve data
Single customer intimacy analysis
Comprehensive plans for all scenarios
From sales, marketing, promotion events to after-sales services, Super 8 is your best partner in marketing and customer relations! Create a better experience for your customers today!
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